Previously, we used to rely on newspapers, TV News channels to update us with day to day information. We read books to gather information and learn about new things. Write books and letters to share your voice with someone and just waiting days and weeks for a letter from your loved ones to arrive and much more until the Digital Media came into existence and then into common use in the 1950’s.
Digital Media include Digital Photos, Videos, Social Medias, Websites, Databases, Video Games, E-Books (Electronic Books), Digital Audio, Software and other forms of Media that are digitally available.
Internet has changed the world we know, by being able to share any form of media with others which allows for sharing of Information across the globe which has revolutionized the world in terms of communication, we are able to contact someone, send a mail to someone in the factor of seconds, with the creation of applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Ola, Uber Eats, Amazon, Flipkart and more people are able to communicate easily, order anything they’d like, ride a cab whenever they want and order products online in a click of a button.

Youth and Digital Media

How has Digital Media affected the Youth?

Today’s generation is heavily affected by Digital Media as many may notice, nowadays everyone owns a smart phone including the teens allowing them to watch videos, snap pictures, share stories and more! This has affected kids in positive and negative ways respectively. Teenagers are very likely to get attracted and be influenced by social media, video games, and other entertainment platforms like YouTube that may occupy one’s precious time by providing them with entertainment like comedy shows or it may also help one by providing them with tutorials for a specific software, school work and more… The topic is easily debatable as while Digital Media provides a child with lots of information such as e-books, being able to search anything instantly making life easier, it also makes them lazy and unfit which affects their health and personality. Digital Media allows the current generation to progress faster because they have more accessibility and availability than we have experienced previously, the various talents of different kids can be brought out because of the education being more diverse than before and schools and institutes utilizing Digital Media to progress faster and there is only more to come.
Digital Media has also helped the youth in expressing themselves and showing their potential to the world, many introvert kids that are anxious trying to communicate with someone in person are able to quickly get over that fear by being able to communicate without being there building up their courage. People in their youth decide their lifepath for the future based on their talents and Digital Media helps broaden their talents by introducing new forms of media that can express it.
The youth is the age where a person develops themselves mentally and physically and through this transition, their mentality can be abused or exploited as if not guided on the right path, the youth may experience things that they shouldn’t before hand and be totally distracted from what they should be doing, people also try to scam the kids seeing as they are easy to trick and make them reveal private information that they shouldn’t be, there is a risk involved as not everything on the Digital Media is good, true as some may be misleading, scams, inappropriate, violent etc.… and one should be aware of them.

The Future of today’s Youth and Digital Media

It hasn’t even been an entire century since Digital Media has been invented and it already has revolutionized the world, with today’s youth, evolution is sure to happen and many breakthroughs and discoveries await, students have the ability to opt in for an undergraduate degree known as Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.), BMM Subjects include: Mass Communications, Media Laws and Ethics, History of Broadcasting, Research Methodology, Communicative English, Introduction to Mass Communication, Photo Journalism, Copywriting which are important parts of Digital Media itself allowing students to gain more knowledge giving them stable jobs in various fields like News Media, Advertising, Research Institutes or any of the abundance of jobs available on online portals like content writing, content creating and more. Loads of younger audience are rising up on major Media Platforms growing faster than ever and finding new careers that were previously thought to be impossible such as becoming a Content Creator on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, becoming a famous writer by publishing E-Books for free and showing your potential to the rest of the world.


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