You are almost close to achieving your goal of qualifying SSC CHSL Tier I. With less than a month left for the exam, negative thoughts like self-doubt, under-confidence and anxiety sets in. Here we have tried to help you work through the negatives and listed a few tips and strategies you should focus on in the last month of your preparation.

The last month before the exam is the most crucial in your preparation as it can make or break your chances of qualifying for SSC CHSL 2020. In the final round, your focus should be on periodic revision targeting maximum marks with minimum negatives.


Let’s strategize your SSC CHSL Tier I preparation using the stated must-follow tips and tricks:

●   Focus on quality over quantity
Time has passed to begin a new topic in the syllabus. It is essential that you do not focus on knowing more topics instead invest more time in revising the existing covered sections of the syllabus. Your attempts and accuracy in the examination depend on how accurately you recollect the learned topic and implement the concept.

●    Attempt Mock Test every day
You must have successfully covered and completed the syllabus by now, if not don’t worry about it. The weightage and question distribution vary across the paper so you will be able to maintain the balance. In the last month of the preparation, attempt mock tests every day and analyze your mistakes and speed after each test.

Test series is the best way to revise your syllabus as it provides you with a mix of questions from each topic. It would be best if you opted for an online test series as the SSC CHSL Tier I exam is conducted online. SSC CHSL test series shall provide you with an exam like experience giving you an idea about time management and ensuring less negative marks.

●   Previous year papers are your best friend
The best source to determine the pattern, weightage of various topics and the preparation required to clear the examination is the previous year papers. You must practice all the previous year papers of SSC CHSL Tier I with a timer to gauge your speed and accuracy. You can also refer to SSC CGL previous year papers as it provides a good practice of quality questions.

●   Revise the topics that need memorization
Current affairs and formulas are two such things that need excellent retention as they help you score in General Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude section. Without these, you will be unable to score and qualify SSC CHSL Tier I. Ensure that you revise your current affairs notes and the formula sheet prepared by you on a daily basis.

●    Note your mistakes and improvise
In the last month of your preparation, you must focus on improving on your mistakes. While solving the previous year papers and mock test, analyze and note the pattern of mistakes being repeated regularly. Work on those mistakes to avoid negative marking and ensure maximum marks in the exam.

●    Plan your own attempt strategy
Whileyouattempt numerous mock tests, determine your own pattern and approach to solve the paper. As there is no sectional time in SSC CHSL Tier I, you must analyze your stronger topics and judiciously divide your time while you attempt the paper. Also, give priority to solving those topics first which have more weightage and consume less time to answer.

●    Learn to let go
Since there is a time constraint and negative marking in the exam, it is crucial that you learn to skip the questions. Do not over engage and spend unnecessary time on one question. If you are unable to solve it, either skip it or mark it for review and try attempting the question in the end.

Every year, lakhs of students apply for SSC CHSL examination but only a few are able to qualify all the rounds. SSC CHSL online coaching app will help you work hard in this last round of your preparation to ensure that you achieve your desired goal. Follow the suggestions mentioned above to ease your way to success.

All the best!


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